Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I've made one final change to the bedroom which happens to be the last one I can make until I save up enough cash for the finishing touches listed below. As mentioned here, I was really not liking the hutch originally placed in my bedroom. It was boring, it overly matched the dresser and it was too clunky for the space. The challenge remained however, that I needed every ounce of the space the hutch provided to store clothes and TV equipment. Yes, I'm aware I need a flat screen but again, not until I save up (or I put on my Christmas list).

To fix, I've switched out the hutch with an antique tall dresser I used way back when I was a kid. Originally, I'd asked for my mom for it when I was in desperate need of a storage vehicle for housing all of my arts and crafts. After pacing in and out of my craft nook and bedroom for what seemed like ages, the idea finally dawned on me. Now, each piece (I'll show the hutch in a later post) fits the space allotted for them much better and the tall dresser helps incorporate some much needed visual interest and darker wood tones to balance out the rest of the furniture. To that end, below is my final to do list that I'm either out of money or completely terrified to finish (minus the picture frames which will likely be finished this week).

- stain short dresser darker (frame only)
- spray paint all darker picture frames on wall a lighter color (copper, silver or white)

- FLAT SCREEN TV (and cable!)
- two (2) rugs: faux fur or jute?
- two (2) sets of curtains: white on white pattern + accent color?
- tailored or box pleated dust ruffle
- curtain rods: or steal from living room and replace those?

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