Monday, April 25, 2011

Bedroom makeover, attack.

After perusing around some of my favorite blogs, I've decided I need to brighten up my space a bit. By brighten I mean infusing more white and pops of color into the space and by a little bit I mean some reconfiguring, refurbishing and maybe purchasing a few thrift store finds. See, I get into this redecorating mood what seems like every other month, things out and continuing to polish and refine my style. To do this, there are three lines I need to be sure not to cross:
  1. Meet Ruby. My little black, wiry hair dog that sheds a lot and only lays on couches and beds. Mixed with my laziness and busy schedule, I need to make choices that hide the inevitable instead of ones that feature it.
  2. I rent. Because of this, I cannot paint the rooms let alone change any fixtures, flooring, cabinetry, etc. This redecorating exercise needs to be strictly cosmetic.
  3. I'm frugal (most of the time). With paying off debts, bills, leases and my American Express I have left myself with zero cash (very little at best) to use toward randomly redecorating my apartment. Lucky for me, I have managed to collect a ridiculous amount of furniture, accessories and craft materials over the years which should give me a head start.
First room, the bedroom. For the most part, I think I have a solid base but definitely feel it may be a little too traditional for my taste. I'm wanting something a little more light, airy and asymmetrical.

1. The floor plan (hi, Ruby). While my current layout follows feng shui rules, my room lacks the visual interest and cozy tone I'm looking for. Using floorplanner (once again... and again) to help figure out a layout that works best for my needs, I chose one that's functional, simply stated and asymmetrical making it a bit more visually appealing. Add some bright white and kitchy accessories and I've got myself one adorable space.
from this (yawn boring):

to this (yawn cozy):

2. The furniture. Is boring! Between the rod iron, the This Ends Up design and the fact that everything is the same color, I am in desperate need of some flavor. While I'm not sold on painting all or even some of it, there are ways I can spruce up the general tone of things. For example, finding a more ornate mirror to use atop of my dresser (thrift store mission #1) or fabricating my headboard (like this post).

3. The photo display. While I love the composition, I think I may need to incorporate a bit more color and perhaps some more artwork vs. family photos. This will help create more of a whimsical display, moving away from feeling more like Kate's family tree (hi again, Ruby).

4. The flooring. Now, this is probably going to be a splurge or at least as close to a splurge my budget will allow. I need a rug to help cosy-up the space and save the wood floor from Miss Ruby's nails as she jumps on and off the bed.

5. The windows. While I like the fact that my room gets (and stays) really dark, these old and taupe curtains have got to go. Unfortunately, the blinds have to stay but maybe I can clean them or something.

Now for some inspiration. Not saying I'm doing any of this, just some ideas. I've always loved the idea of a white room but with pup, I need to keep patterned or darker bedding to help hide the fur balls she tends to leave behind. Plus, I just got this bedspread for Christmas and am obsessed with it, so it's staying.

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