Monday, November 1, 2010

Everyone loves a 'stache.

Today marks the start of Movember - an annual month-long event to raise awareness (and funds) for men's health issues such as prostate cancer. The goal is to show your support by either growing or donating money in support of those who grow a moustache for the entire month of November. After hearing about it from the boyf and then receiving an email announcing the participation of a few guys at work, I got to thinking about just how crazy this fad has become.

While I can't exactly put my finger on what makes this little patch of facial hair so fun and exciting, the moustache continues to be used to add humor and overall sillyness to a variety of situations. Games are beginning to include moustaches into their rules, people have gotten tattoos of them on their fingers, it is by far the most socially acceptable form of facial hair expirementation and words like the Fu Manchu, Walrus and Standard have become part of everyday conversation.

The moustache is even beginning to enter home decor. Not just through photos of you and your friends pretending like you have moustaches but through actual home accessories. Although I'm still on the fence about this, I think that it could be possible, if not overdone, to include in your space. If done right, a moustache can help add some humor and interest to your space. If not, you could just come across as a person with a fetish.

Now, I wouldn't go to the extreme of buying moustache-themed bedding or making a giant furry moustache pillow but a small accessory here and there could create an unexpected suprise for a visitor and act as a little reminder not to take yourself (or your space) too seriously. Here are some examples of small accessories that could be incorporated into your current space. Remember: less is more.

top to bottom: Eristotle, DeeHewitt, modernmadness,  NancysBagsEtc all on etsy

Another idea is to hang some 'stache-work in your powder room, hallway, on a bookcase or anywhere else that can stand to be a little ridiculous. Again, think long and hard about the type of tone you'd like to portray in a room before deciding on a montage of 'stache-strations.

General room of thumb: steer clear of the bedroom, living room, den or any other space that requires a certain level of "put-togetherness" and keep it to 1-2 pieces per home.

Happy Movember!

top to bottom: tuffindustries, ashleyg, NanLawson,  3LambsGraphics all on etsy

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