Thursday, October 14, 2010

Give me glamour, flash.

Let's face it ladies (and some gents), we all enjoy a little bit of glitz and glamour in our lives. From our clothes to our homes, we all own something that screams "look at me darling, I'm gorgeous". Lush fabrics. Mirrored accents. Intricate detailing. When it comes to showing off that glamourous side, it's all about the statement.

Hollywood Regency is a style dating way back to the 1930s when stars such as Greta Garbo, Clark Gable and Mae West ruled the silver screen. These big stars required big style and were able to achieve this through the interior designs created by designers such as William Haines and Dorothy Draper.

left to right: The Greenbrier lobby (Draper), Draper Room, Joan Crawford home (Haines)

To modernize the style, designers like Kelly Wearstler  and Ian Schrager took the unexpected glitz and glamour and paired with a variety of different eras. Enter Modern Glamour. A style that I personally am obsessed with because it takes the statement-making tone of Hollywood Regency and blends with the more casual needs of everyday living.

left to right: Bergdorf Goodman restaurant (Wearstler), Gramercy Park Hotel (Schrager), Viceroy in Santa Monica (Wearstler)

Understanding that these rooms still may still be more on the statement-making side of design, here are some ideas of things that you can infuse into your space to add that glitz and that glam we all drool over. The key to making this look successful? Arrange the room around the way people should interact in it and dress with unexpected surprises to the eye.

FAKE IT: If you don't have an extra $400 lying around, look around your space for a piece of plain furniture that could use sprucing up. Cover the top in mirrored tiles or paint it a deep hue and paint rectangles and squares outlining the piece like this piece I made here. Or, check out your local thrift store and look for ornate objects you can spray paint a bright color for that added "pop".

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