Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cabin fever.

After a lovely long weekend in Tennessee, I returned home - my mind filled with wooden black bears and rustic rocking chairs.  While the house we stayed in was beautiful, the decor it seemed all of Tennessee was selling... was not. If done right, that "rustic cabin" trend that's out there can come across as naturally cozy, simple and lived-in without looking old, ragged or out-of-date. To accomplish this, opt for a few pieces of weathered furniture or accents mixed in with a variety of textures and more modern pieces. For example, pair a modern sofa with a mix of crocheted pillows and a faux fur rug. Rehab an old, weathered dresser into an entertainment center dressed with a flat-screen TV. Mix up your lamps between rod iron, sticks and lucite and frame more abstract artwork with weathered wood. By doing this, you are still able to get that comfortable, cozy feeling cabins are known for while keeping your space modern, streamlined and less like a scene from The Great Outdoors. Here are some great pieces you can incorporate into your existing space. Be sure to add 2-3 items throughout the room to keep the room feeling balanced.

MAKE IT: Look online to find crochet patterns for pillows to give your space a personalized touch (I found this at Michaels). Also, try making a rustic coffee table or any other accents as seen in this earlier post about object bis.

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