Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hook line and sinker.

Nothing screams "I'm home" like hanging up your coat after a long day at work. And lately, the coat hooks  seem to be getting cuter and cuter. Now, I've talked about the need to create an entryway in the past, and feel that one, two or all of these could be the perfect start. Try taking a more unconventional approach by pairing 3-5 different hooks in a single line or artistic composition on an empty wall by or across from the door. Choose similar styles or colors to make the look seem cohesive. Anthropologie has, by far, the most interesting and beautiful hooks and knobs I've seen to-date. For example, I chose white to be the primary theme with a bit of nature to bring the look together. I'd put the two branch hooks in between the three different looks to create a cohesive look. Experiment to find the right look for you.

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