Tuesday, September 28, 2010

FAKE IT: A "built-in" accessory nook.

Since the age of three, I have always a surplus of jewelry and hair accessories. And over the years, I have continued to have a problem with storage. Since condensing my collection and renting an apartment with a walk-in closet are both not an option, I have had to get really creative with how to organize my ever growing collection. My current solution: the "built-in" accessory nook.

Since I am not exactly the neatest person on the planet, I needed a solution that could be quickly accessed, easily managed and able to be hidden. To accomplish this, I organized by accessory type, opted for open storage and positioned behind my bedroom door. 

The open storage is minimal while the accessories themselves offer an eclectic and colorful design. To dress up the space, I added a silver serving tray and candle holders to the dresser. Next, I plan to stain the frame of the mirror a chestnut brown to tie-in the darker shelf. I also continuously scour the thrift stores for some interesting containers that can replace my hair and bracelet boxes to add more visual interest.

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