Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A subtle wall of pattern.

9 times out of 10 people's version of decorating is hanging up pictures. Could be photos of friends. Could be artwork you like. Either way, it's something in a frame... on a wall... by itself or in threes. While that continues to be my go-to way to dress up a wall, I was growing a little bored of the look and wanted something a little different.

The wall that I'm talking about is one that contains a window that houses my air conditioning unit that sits in between the arms of my couch and chair. With my living room being rectangular, the wall seemed awkward being bare yet not large enough to be a statement wall. I needed something subtle. However, typical Kate fashion, I ran into issues.

First, as mentioned in previous posts, I am not allowed to paint/wallpaper/change anything about my walls except for putting tiny holes in them. Second, I already had shelves on the opposite wall so and adding any more seemed like overkill. Finally, with my couch and furniture being relatively plain, my living room was in desperate need of some visual interest but the wall could not compete with other primary focal points.

What did I end up doing? Instead of going back to my college roots and hanging a tapestry across the wall, I opted for hanging twelve 18"x20" canvases in a grid-like pattern with the same stencil. The composition ended up filling up the awkward wall and framing in the random window without being overbearing or shifting too much focus away from the other areas in the space.

To get this look, all you need are:
- 18"x20" canvases (I already had 6 hanging around but packages of 3 can be found at Michaels for $9.99)
- Primer (I use Kilz)
- Large paintbrush to prime
- Two-part stencil (I got mine at Michaels)
- Sponge applier for the stencil
- Silver and bronze acrylic paint tubes
- Clear acrylic spray paint in high gloss (optional)

Prime your canvases to ensure they are all the same color and to prep for painting. Then, lay your first step in stenciling and apply two coats of either silver or bronze paint. Repeat for the second step with the opposite color paint. For a more finished look, spray 2-3 coats of the clear acrylic finish. Then, hang canvases equal distance apart in opposite directions.

Plaid, argyle or any geometric pattern are other interesting takes on this composition. Just remember, the busier and/or colorful the pattern, the more of a focal point the wall will end up being.

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  1. can we get something for my walls? i cant take the bengals gear anymore