Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ruff ruff, meow.

With all of the traveling I've been doing these days, my parents offered to watch my dog, Ruby, while I was out. They have had her for almost three weeks now and I miss her like crazy. While looking at old photos of Ruby, I got to thinking about how owning a pet lead to the creation of eye sores throughout a space design (toys, dog bowls, beds, etc.). And, in my case, I unfortunately have plenty of them. I started taking a look at what's available out there to alleviate some of the mess and came across some really great pieces that incorporate the needs of a pet without necessarily compromising the design. Here are some of my faves.
 clockwise from the top: Freshome, Julia Custer, Ikea, DenHaus

DIY OPP: You may be able to convert a side table into the crate shown above with a couple tweaks. First, find a vintage octagon side table from your local thrift store. Sand the entire thing down and, depending on the pattern in the wood, you can either drill large holes or cut out the indented sides. From there, paint the side table whatever color you would like to match your style. Once that's completed, if you've cut out the sides of the table, replace them with some sort of mesh (i.e. chicken wire) and staple that to the inside. To avoid your pup getting cut, you may want to use Gorilla Tape to tape down the wire after stapling. Here's a sketch.

Note: If you have a bigger dog, try adding doors and some sides to one end of an open desk seen here.

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