Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gray and gloomy with a side of sun.

Today was just another gray day in the wonderful city of Cincinnati and I am officially in desperate need of some sunshine. Then I thought of a color combination that is perfect to write about on a day like today - gray and yellow.

These days, this classy duo can be found anywhere from the bedroom to the bathroom, the trick being able to choose one of the colors as the primary and then balancing the warm with the cold. There are two directions you can take with gray - warm or cool. A warm gray has a taupy undertone that works well with a golden yellow. A cool gray has more of a purple undertone that looks incredibly chic with a very saturated yellow. Try adding gold, silver or white to the mix for some extra splash. To add more depth to a space, mix different shades of the primary color of your choice. A few inspirational rooms to get you started below.

DIY OPP: Looking for artwork to finish off the room? Try making your own. Grab a canvas and stripe on some gray and yellow paint or, if you aren't a painter, check out Flickr's Color Lab. If the image is under a Creative Commons liscence, you can download the image, blow it up and get it printed on paper or canvas. Import them in iPhoto to add some personal flair and choose a black or dark brown frame to help draw attention to your beautiful masterpiece.

If you have the artwork covered, try constructing some pillows (two cloth napkins will do) or crocheting a bright yellow blanket to use as a throw. Here are some great ideas.

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