Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Home is where your bed is.

Rainy, cold, gross weather = perfect day to curl up in bed and watch bad TV. Since this isn't an option for me today, I'm choosing the next best thing: daydreaming about a bed upgrade. The easiest way to increase your bed's status is to purchase some triple-digit count cotton sheets in a crisp white. Not only will the purchase make your bed that much more comfortable, it will also look more polished and grown-up.

Another way to upgrade your bed is through the headboard. Lately, I am loving the look of the obviously fake. Meaning, a traditional-shaped headboard painted on a large canvas (or even just the wall) in a solid color. The look adds a nice level of quirk and illustration to a room suggesting a playful tone that clearly doesn't take itself too seriously. Also, it's an inexpensive way to break up the boxiness of a room that can come from the dresser, armoire, etc. Here are some really great options.

 from left to right: the frisky, design*sponge, crooked house

Another idea I am thinking about is creating a headboard out of cork tiles. To add some personality, artistic flair and depth to the arrangement, I would tack on polaroids of loved ones or recent trips, postcard-sized replicas of your favorite artwork, small canvases of simple illustrations and maybe even a few ornate, empty frames (glass removed) in bright colors. I did a quick sketch of what it could look like - I think the picture style, artwork and color choices would be crucial in making the headboard look more like a composition rather than a collaged-mess.

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  1. Gosh, you're making me crave my cozy bed on this rainy day. P.S - love the "fake" boards :)