Monday, May 10, 2010

Las Vegas Part Two: The Dont's

While it works for the Vegas strip to be loud, over-the-top and outrageous, this should not be the case for your home - no matter what your personality might lead you to think. Like Vegas, you should have bold, unexpected and charismatic pieces as long as they are in moderation. Here is part two of my Vegas inspiration... the Don'ts.

1. Relax on the themes. While an overall style is a great starting point for a room (i.e. beachy chic), having an all out theme for a room begins to seem overwhelming (i.e. all things fish). Start with an overall color palette that projects the overall feeling you want in the room. From there, choose a few key pieces and fabrics that portray this style and also fit within the overall color palette. Finally, balance these key pieces and fabrics with a few neutrals that are dispersed throughout the space. This way, everyone will understand the style of the space without being beaten over the head with it. Perfect example: The Venetian.

 photo by me

2. Minimize the gaudy accessories. Again, it's all about moderation. Having a few over-the-top pieces can help bring a sense of humor and add some energy to the space however, you'll want to avoid turning your home into today's rendition of Pee Wee's Playhouse. Try choosing one big statement piece to fill a corner or a few pieces that are similar is style and/or color. Place these pieces throughout a room in unexpected places to add some additional charisma. Although I love Siegfried and Roy, there is no need for a giant bronze statue of them that takes up an entire wall.

 photo by me

3. Symmetry is boring. Show off your creative side and create an arrangement that offers some originality throughout a space. This will help you create an environment or an experience instead of becoming the proud owner of a pretty but dull room. Case and point: I'm not sure what building this was except it was located near the Wynn.

photo by me

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