Sunday, November 4, 2012


Here is the world's fastest summary of what I've been up to these past 4 months.

1. Jim moved in.
2. We got cable.
3. I was asked to transfer to Sacramento.
4. I agreed to transfer to Sacramento.
5. We drove across the country.
6. We got engaged.
7. We moved into our newly rented house.
8. We found out our newly rented house was rat infested.
9. We moved out and into another house.

It's been exciting, overwhelming and exhausting all at the same time. We've said goodbye to our families, moved to a city we've only visited once and already moved in and out of a bad rental. We've hotel-hopped, witnessed the most beautiful scenery the west has to offer and promised each other we'd continue to ride this thing out together. It's definitely been a wild few months, but I don't think I'd change a second of it. Not even the rats.

I have no idea what else life will throw our way and I won't even try to predict it. I'm just thankful to have found a place we can call home and can't wait to start decorating it!

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all."
- Oscar Wilde


  1. I really love chandeliers. The house still look good though wecan see its disorganize. But the set up ofthe funitures is great. It depends upon the people living in the house how to keep the house in order.