Monday, May 14, 2012

make shift bookcase bars.

I am what you'd call a sporadic blog owner. One day, I'm blogging every day - throwing out tips, tricks and mild strokes of genius for all to read. The next, I'll be lucky to get a post out once a month, and that's only to remind everyone that I'm still alive and I still have plans I've not yet started. For those that know me, this is completely typical. One minute I'm all up in your face, making plans and hanging out. The next minute I'm screening your calls, not able to pull myself away from a Cold Case episode I've already seen at least 15 times to talk to you. Hot and cold, people. Hot. And. Cold.

Speaking of cold, I've been slowly putting an idea together in my head for a bookcase bar. My living room has a major case of the blahs so I'm making plans to brighten up the space. Part of the plan includes refinishing a bookcase my grandpa made for my mom (which I eventually "needed" per usual). It's currently stained a light finish and stores some DVDs and a bunch of random decor I need to either use or toss donate. I want to paint it a glossy white with a bright pastel [insert color] backing for a subtle hint of color. Then on one of the shelves, I want to add a make-shift bar keep things casual, fun and available for drinking. Here are some of the fab inspiration pieces I've been using to compile the idea. Can't wait to show off the finished product you know, once I start it. Hot. And. Cold.

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  1. These are all so wonderful! And two of my favorite activities :)