Thursday, March 1, 2012

identity crisis.

I think my blog is going through an identity crisis. Actually, I know it is. In fact, if my blog was a 50-year old balding executive, it would have bought a cherry red Ferrari and booked the same trip as Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love by now.

When I originally started this piece, it was meant to be a place to house all of the design inspiration I found on the interwebs and show my mom (and my aunt and grandma) all of my DIY masterpieces. Now, thanks to pinterest, I don't really need a place to store photos anymore and have a plethora of boards and pins to prove it. As for the DIY projects, I've accepted the fact that I'm a HUGE procrastinator and if the choice is between hanging with my guy, watching The Voice or DIYing I'm going to choose hanging with my guy or The Voice (unfortunately, at this time, it cannot be both). So where does that leave me? One empty, sad little blog.

Sigh, what is a gal to do. I don't want to quit because I don't want to be labeled a quitter. Antoske's never quit. O'DOYLE RULES (sorry, I couldn't hold that back). And I actually like writing this blog because it's helped me find a voice, tone and perspective I've grown confident in. Yay for Kate.

The obvious answer would be to write about what I do on a regular basis. However, truth be told, I'm not that interesting. Funny, yes. Interesting, not really. Want to know what I did this past weekend? Pup and I headed back home to Cleveland to gab with my mom and hang out with my new-kneed dad. We sat around, watched the tube, watched my dad take laps around the house with his walker, watched Pup try to pull the tennis balls off the walker and grabbed some dinner from Chili's. An all-around great weekend for me but not exactly a best seller in terms of entertainment for everyone else. I am the real life example of the saying "life is not a movie". Except maybe Lost in Translation. Man that movie was dull. What even happens in that movie? Gawd.

At the same time, I'm wondering if this blog might just be the kick in the pants I need to do something different. What's not to love about a post that features a new restaurant or an unexpected Wednesday at the bowling alley? Maybe I should go on and document one of my many trips checking out the sea of thrift stores Cincinnati has to offer. And maybe I finally take the risk of becoming a full-fledged dirty blond just to see if they have more fun. Sure, you'll probably still have to sit through a couple of "check out my sock drawer" posts every now but for the most time, maybe this blog could be about all things new.

But where does that leave my interior design obsession? Do I just let all of the "look at how awesome this is" pictures live on pinterest?  Could the interior design portion of this blog only include DIY projects I've actually completed for my apartment? Or maybe my takes on the trends or pins I've actually taken the time to try out. Or maybe it's just photos of other people's spaces that make me want to drool and gush and pretend like everything was all my idea. Just kidding. I would never take credit for something I didn't physically do. To jack is whack.

I'm sorry this post is more of a "what the heck should I do with this blog" instead including actual, real, usable content but sometimes you have to just write it all out. Granted posting this conversation with myself on the world wide web may not be the best idea but hey, why not. I'm stumped.

On a lighter note, I went on a PINTEREST FRENZY this past weekend so feel free to check out the new additions there as my blog continues stay in crisis mode.

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