Thursday, January 12, 2012

picking artwork.

In the midst of some artwork for Amie's nursery and not having it quite done to show everyone yet, I thought I'd buy a little time and post some more ideas for nursery artwork. The biggest suggestion - and this applies to all artwork - is to choose pieces that make you smile.

Don't worry about whether it's in style or what everyone else will think of it. Choose something because of how it makes you feel, depicts what you think is beautiful and is what you'd like to be surrounded by. Art is one of the few accessories that can set your space apart from everyone else's and what can make a house more of your home. Now I'm not saying everyone needs to be an art fanatic or all of your walls should be lined with the stuff. Just a little something that reminds visitors (and yourself) of your personality, your character and, essentially, what makes you tick.

For Amie, it's humor and family. Since I've known Amie, she's never been short of a joke and is a constant reminder that you should never take life too seriously. But, and almost in the same breath, if you mess with her family... let's just say you better watch out. So, for her nursery, I naturally gravitated toward compositions and subjects that were a little silly, a little light-hearted and lot sentimental. All found on etsy.

What should your artwork say about you?


  1. Will you be doing any blogging/suggesting on how to purge old and outdated stuff, or will it eventually come back in style/favor so "hang on to it"