Wednesday, January 11, 2012

crazy over aqua.

Since I'm still mildly obsessed over Amie's color choice for the nursery (Under the Big Top, Benjamin Moore), I've decided to make aqua into this week's pinterest color inspiration. Sure the paint color wasn't exactly aqua but close enough right?

Aqua is growing up, my friends. It's moved out of the bathroom, away from the fish and beach decor and became a completely viable option for spaces like nurseries, bedrooms, kitchens and even living rooms. What makes this color an up-and-coming contender is its ability to be paired with more sophisticated, saturated colors while still looking fresh and modern. Gone are the days where aqua could only be paired with bright colors like lime, yellow, cornflower and macaroni and cheese (yes, those are all actual colors - grab your Crayolas if you don't believe me). Instead, the color makes its mark when partnered with colors like terra cotta, brick red, midnight blue and even pine green (again, all real colors). Trust me, aqua is the jam.
Now, there are a grillion different ways you can add some aqua into your life. As long as you are familiar with the right proportions and ways to make a statement. Keep reading for two fail-proof ways for making it work. Tim Gunn style.

1. Brighter means smaller.

And by brighter I mean more a more saturated version of the hue. With aqua being such a bold color, it can easily overpower and overwhelm any space. On the flip side, the paler the hue the more ground you can cover. That said, keep the paint colors softer and the accessories bolder.

both images via the lennox

2. Be unexpected when you can.

Aqua is just one of those hues you can't help but notice. It's crisp, bright and screams "hey! over here!" Sure it looks nice on a vase, set of earrings or wall color for that matter but to really make it stand out, test the waters with something a little different. Remember the proportion rule above and make the sky the limit. I am DIGGING painted floors these days (probably because mine are so ugly) and aqua couldn't look more perfect there. The second is a little brighter than I'd go with but you get the idea.

for more photos, check out my pinterest page, cooling down.

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