Friday, December 2, 2011

holiday work party dresses.

It's Friday people and I am starting to STRESS OUT a little bit about the holidays. Mainly my company's holiday party next weekend and what I'll be wearing to it. And since I've gotten at least 10 "hey, what are you wearing to the holiday party" questions within the past couple of weeks, I know the stress is starting to set in for others as well.

So what should I wear? While my budget is telling me to choose one of the dresses from my closet (many of which I've only worn once), my heart is screaming "go buy a new dress!". Not sure which voice I'll listen to just yet, so I figured it'd be a good idea to see what's out there. You know, to keep in my back pocket.

Happy Friday!

[plus I love those shoes.]\
[with metallic heels]
[add booties to tone down the girly-ness]

[wear a turtleneck to take from night to day]

[pair with a bright colored or patterned cardi and nude heels]

[add a metallic or hot pink heel to spice up the look]

[pair with statement belt to accentuate the waist]

[add jewel-toned heels to modernize]
[perfect lbd. add statement necklace for a timeless option]

[forget about it. screw you, budget - I'm getting this!*]
*fit permitting. if i look like a whale, it's staying at express


  1. I tried on that very dress yesterday at Express. It didn't look like that on me. At all.

  2. uh oh, well, I guess I'm hoping the opposite ;)

  3. My wife has two of those party dresses and she don't look like that in them

  4. LOL - people rarely look as good in them as the models!