Thursday, December 1, 2011

dollhouse furniture and second floor update.

The moment you've all been waiting for. Dim the lights, bring out the drum roll, cue the disco ball! 

Here's the progress on the dollhouse I've been working on for the I'm a Giant Dollhouse Challenge. I'm 80% finished with the bottom right side of the house - I just need to mount the rest of the kitchen shelving and accessorize. 

Note the change in island color. I decided to switch gears and go with a more neutral color palette, accented with bright, fun, jewel-toned colors and metallics. You'll note the new sink faucet (obvs a Chicago Faucet, DAD) and the beginnings of the open shelving for the kitchen. 

 The dining rooms is an eclectic mix of "old" and "new" furniture. I wanted the table to look old and rustic, pairing it with a bold yet classic geometric "rug" and glossy white chairs to balance. The upholstered bench makes the table more casual and adds another layer of pattern to the mix, the similar color scheme tying it all together.

My favorite, favorite, FAVORITE piece I've made so far is the teal campaign-style dresser. It ads an unexpected pop of color and sets the tone for playful accessories and light fixtures. Unfortunately, I couldn't find teeny tiny recessed drawer pulls or t-shaped brass trim but I think the paint job gets the idea across just fine.

I don't know about you but I'm pretty impressed in my carpentry and refinishing skills :)

Last but not least, I made some small tweaks to the upstairs wall colors and started in on the flooring. I toned down the original workspace wall color to more of a butter cream, warming up the room and allowing me to paint the entire room the same color. The bathroom wall color was also toned down, choosing a navy blue with more gray-brown undertones. As you can see, the two choices are way more complimentary of each other. 

The second floor rooms are going to be the same dark hardwood as the first floor although I'm still debating on whether to "tile" the bathroom or not. I hope to finish up the kid's room flooring tonight and make a final decision. 

And that's it! The family room is next on the list and I've got a few purchased pieces (finally!) to refinish for the upstairs. Hopefully I'll have just as much to share next week.


  1. Thanks Kristin,
    I still think I'm going to purchase the turkish rug for the dining room but this geometric one will do for now :)

  2. Looks fantastic! Love the little campaign dresser! And the rug!! We need to get together soon lady. Plus, I have a sander that misses his home!