Sunday, October 16, 2011

meet lois.

I thought I'd introduce you to my third roommate, Lois. Yep, just me, Ruby and good old, finicky Lois.

[ruby the pup]

[lois the sewing machine]

Passed down to me from my +Grandma, Lois quickly became one of the gals - participating in projects such as Nora farm, Xavi's zoo and even Jen's homemade curtains (photos coming soon). Despite being finicky, stubborn, old school and clunky, I've grown to love Lois because of the memories and amount of projects I couldn't have done without her.

[with the bench I refinished]

[opened up and ready to sew]

[model 457 - now they have a model in the 7000's]

[the year in the top left corner says 1913. 1913?!?!?!]

I'm hoping to give her a little facelift as part of my craft nook renovation coming later this month and - let's face it - probably most of next. Aside from the cosmetic updates, she could use a little tune up. Anyone know of a place I could take her to get checked out?

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