Friday, October 14, 2011

blog feature: go haus go

Just a friendly note to everyone out there who has not checked out Miss Emily's home DIY site, Go Haus Go. It's jam-packed with projects, decisions, tips and tricks she's learned after owning (and designing) her first house.

Her interior style is clean and sophisticated with just the right amount of quirkiness that continues to remind everyone me design is all about having fun and shouldn't be taken so seriously. Emily also happens to be incredibly honest as she describes her latest projects, pairing it with a fantastic blend of humor and sarcasm to prevent the posts from being too tutorial.

Here are some pretty pics of her house in case you don't believe me. Note the two (Suge's in the corner) super cute pups that match her super cute interior and super cute style.

See, isn't it adorbs?!?! And somehow she manages to just keep. it. coming.

In case you're wondering, the plan is to feature one of my go-to blogs each week to spread the love (and the tips) with all of you.

I should also mention that Emily is also crazy enough to join the I'm a Giant Dollhouse Challenge (posts on progress found here). That said, I urge you all to send her virtual high fives, hugs or e-cards to keep her sane cheer her on along the way. And for the love of small, cute, miniature dogs, check out her site!

[all photos stolen from Go Haus Go, taken either by Emily or her just-as-hilarious boyfriend, Aaron May.]

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