Thursday, September 1, 2011

An Emily Chalmers and Francesca Herrera love sesh.

I couldn't decide which one of these lovely ladies to write about first so I'm just going to write about both. Despite having two extremely different styles and two entirely different set of rules, these two designers are the latest to have caught my eye.

Emily Chalmers
If you can't tell by the pictures below, Emily appears to have just as big of an obsession with chotchkies as I do. But it's her ability to place, choose and feature these random tokens of happiness that sets her apart from the rest. I'm way into the way she layers pattern, combines color and picks the most interesting furniture shapes for her spaces. She's a true bohemian with a beautiful, eclectic aesthetic and new book out called Modern Vintage Style. To summarize, lady has it going on.

Introduced through a Made By Girl post, I actually like Frances for exactly the opposite reasons I like Emily Chalmers. For example, Frances describes her approach to interiors using words like "understated", "polished" and "refined". She has the ability to edit and her spaces are always bright, full-of-light and have just a touch of quirkiness. Kind of like the girl version of Thom Filicia. And while I love appreciate the kitsch of Emily's style, I get the want to keep rooms from looking like you purchased everything at an estate sale. Cleaning it up a bit and making choices as to what should be displayed gives you more of that balanced, pulled together, all-grown-up kind of look. With great style combinations, timeless furniture choices and very well coordinated patterns, Frances is definitely someone to keep an eye on.

all images from Francesca's site

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