Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Purple rain, purple rain.

Today's color inspiration is purple. Eek!

It. Is. Terrifying. Too dark and you live in a cave. Too light and you live in a 5 year old's bedroom. And even if you think you've balanced it just right, you still run the risk of it being too girly, causing boys to vanish completely.

Still, nothing says regal, poised and polished like a dose of eggplant. Or lilac. Or aubergine.

So how do you do it? How do you make your room look like a place to unwind with a cocktail vs. an imaginary tea party? With extreme caution, that's how.

You want tips? You want advice? Well, I have none. Because even I'm too nervous to take the plunge. Because the color is just that scary. But what I can do is show you some pretty handsome rooms that even I wouldn't mind having in my own home. That is, if I can overcome the fear.

The sheer window treatment lets light in without opting for a bare window.
Good balance of light and dark tones.

Almost used as a neutral here.
Lots of taupe and gray to counteract with the rich hue.

Again with the neutrals and I'm seeing a pattern of white furniture pairings.
The natural elements of the room compliment the saturated color of the sofa.
Plus, the tufting makes purple (or navy) an obvious color choice.

I heart this room. Especially all of the dog pictures.
For grownups, the menagerie of pictures help break up the bright wall.
I'd pair with a white, iron bed to keep more sophisticated.
And maybe vary the picture theme.

Totally works here as an accent. And very inviting - even for boys.
The bright color, opposite on the color wheel helps balance.

More of a gray tone works as a neutral.
Animated accessories help distribute focus.
Actually, really liking the wall color.

Love the pairing with warm wood tones.
The matte finish helps keep subdued.

The large window helps keep the room looking light.
Minimal accessories with lots of white balance dark tones.

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