Monday, August 29, 2011

Bedroom mission complete(ish).

And my bedroom is complete(ish)! The (ish) being replacing the curtain rods with the ones in the family room, the taupe curtains with darker brown one and the ugly box TV with a flat screen. Since these all require a budget I don't have (and won't have) for awhile, I am officially declaring the bedroom as completed as it can be.

Here are the highlights:

The accessory wall: The wall was in desperate need of some color and just overall life. Life was given by moving my lady artwork underneath the necklace rack, painting the necklace rack the same marigold color as the nightstand and adding a green patterned box for holding bracelets to the mix. This helped balance the yellow and green on the opposite side of the room (the bed) and minimized the amount of white space the wall contained. The TV replacement will eventually help alleviate some of the excess bulk on the wall and, depending on the size, I may add something to fill in the gap between the closet door molding and top of the TV and shelf. We'll see though - I'm kind of liking the simplicity of it as it stands now.

The dresser wall: Majority of the dresser wall stayed the same because I'm IN LOVE with it. That is, after I stained the dresser a darker walnut color. I hate to say it but I literally slapped some pre-conditioner on there, followed it up with the stain and just hoped for the best. Looking back, I probably should have incorporated a little precision and planning to the process but am thankful at how incredibly awesome it turned out anyway.

I did however add a RENS rug which I've been lusting after since what seems like 2002. The addition added a sense of warmth and helped cool the floor which, in turn, helped balance the white walls, mirror and chair. 

The bedroom wall: The lady artwork was a little too big and a little too bland to be above the headboard. After relocating it to the accessory wall, the headboard wall was definitely too blank and screaming for some pattern and color. Not wanting to add another picture, I opted for some canvas paintings of a larger chevron pattern to balance out the softer pattern on my duvet cover and the rectangular shapes of all of the frames. The hint of yellow added helped frame the bed and the softer taupe color actually helps keep my current curtains from looking like sore thumbs.
On the picture wall, I left a few frames their original color to add some visual interest and expanded slightly to include some pictures from my last couple of vacations along with some ornate picture frames I sprayed in a high gloss white.

Overall, I am loving the way my bedroom looks. Of course I wish I could restain the floors and paint the walls but, working with what I have, I think I successfully turned the space into the relaxed, eclectic setting I was looking for.  

Want to know how I made the artwork? Tutorial coming tomorrow!

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