Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The secret project progress unveiled.

I can finally reveal some of the progress made on the secret project I've been working on over the past few weeks. While it's not finished-finished, I thought I'd share my five favorites of the space to-date along with some insight into the looming checklist (read: my favorite part) that still needs to be completed. 

But first, a HUGE thanks to the Schullers for being patient, taking some chances and getting their hands dirty.

SIDE NOTE: My apologies for the poor photos. I'm hoping to take better ones as soon as I remember to bring my real camera. And maybe get some photography lessons from my other BFF, Michelle. And maybe get a new camera.

#1: The sitting room stencil work. 
I am officially IN LOVE with this room. Yes, it was the room with the most challenges (featured here and here), but I think that's why I'm most proud of it. With the room being smaller, narrow and filled with windows and doorways, it was just screaming for something to tie it all together. Meaning, the room needed something to make it feel more like a room and less like another hallway to the kitchen. To do this, we chose a taupey color (Benjamin Moore's Cedar Keys) to accent a pillow choice and the same white that the kitchen was painted in (Benjamin Moore's Simply White). While I second-guessed it at first (no idea why), all four walls were stenciled (with option 6), bringing the entire room together and making it a prominent eye-catcher as soon as you entered the house.

With the new floor plan, 5" white baseboards, some strategic bookshelf accessorizing, a wall shelf display and (maybe) a new light fixture, it's going to be the sitting room of all sitting rooms.

#2: The vaulted morning room ceiling.

Ok, so I didn't exactly love climbing up the ladder to actually paint the space BUT I did love that the vaulted ceilings allowed for a more dramatic wall color without closing in the space. For this we chose a bright blue (Benjamin Moore's Lakeside Cabin) that complemented the new wood floors and the family's already-owned bright white kitchen table and leather chairs.

Some simple artwork, a refinishing project for the already-owned chest (still TBD), a new light fixture (still TBD) and some minimal table accessories will complete the look.

Oh, and removing the kitchen stove and refrigerator. That'll help a little too.

#3: Dave's mad carpentry skills*.
 *with special thanks to Barry the Sander (get it?)

As mentioned in an earlier post, it's always best to keep the number of focal points in a room to one. So, to do this, we needed to combine both the fireplace and the entertainment center onto one wall (previously split into two). This required some handy work I was definitely not up but Dave graciously took on.

The walls were painted a warmer dark-but-not-too-dark gray (I can't remember the name right now) that brought out the richness of the new wood flooring and brought the whole downstairs together. The hallway was also painted this color to encourage continuity and create a sense of flow throughout the space.

The end result? A susinct focal point that will soon include some shorter Billys (also loved by Go Haus Go), a photo display and some accessorizing. An added bonus? A whole extra wall to place seating along and absolutely zero glare on the TV from the windows.

#4: The striped bathroom.
Mentioned in an earlier post (complete with how-to), I am very fond of little, tiny bathrooms filled with busy patterns and bright colors. So, when I saw that the Schullers downstairs came complete with a teeny, tiny bathroom I got really excited. We chose some bright aquas (Benjamin Moore's Florida Keys and Waterfall) and decided to give the space some vertical stripes, making it seem bigger and brighter.

Keeping the same fixtures in the space and adding a small amount of artwork will finish the look.

#5: The soon-to-be modern-yet-classic kitchen.
Now this is the spot I consider to be the most in-progress. First, we blank slated the kitchen by painting it white (Benjamin Moore's Simply White). This was vital to the downstairs design as the kitchen is the center point between all three rooms (morning, family and sitting room). This allowed us to break up the monotony by painting the other rooms three different colors without making the space feel too disconnected.

So what's next? A subway or glass tile (still TBD) back splash, some brushed nickel cabinet knobs, brushed nickel drawer pulls and eventual addition of an L-shaped island/breakfast bar that will (hopefully) be painted a complementary blue to the morning room, further connecting the two spaces.

I know what you're thinking. The cabinets could be painted to further modernize the space. However, 1) I kind of like the contrast between the dark floor and light cabinet finish and 2) I think the knobs and pulls will modernize them enough to look updated, especially with a new back splash and (eventual) painted L-shaped island/breakfast bar.

And thereyouhaveit! That's the top secret project mentioned in some previous posts and the latest thing I dove head first into. I hope that the Schullers are equally as happy with the space and can't wait for the next part of the project... accessorizing.

Oh, and my favorite part, making the final to-do/buy checklist which is already in progress because I couldn't wait any longer to start making.

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