Monday, July 25, 2011

Framed bookshelves, DIY style.

I'm back! And yes, like Puerto Rico, San Francisco was so fun that I completely forgot about posting (or taking) photos along the way. Thankfully, my mom is a superb photo snapper so I hope to steal all of hers as soon as possible. What all did we do? Fun things include, but certainly weren't limited to: a tour of Alcatraz, zip lining (yes, me zip lining) across the Redwoods, a Giants vs. Dodgers game and a trip to Napa Valley. Great times, good drinks, lots of walking.

Anyway, relaxed and well-toned, I headed over to my BFF Jen's house this weekend to check-in on her redecorating progress (all posts here). Naturally, I ended up putting in a little DIY time during the visit. For one reason or another, I happen to be top-notch at arranging wall displays and creating compositions. I don't know what it is but I am happy and proud to say that I am 'da bomb - a phrase I try to use extremely sparingly and only in situations that absolutely call for it.

As for the idea and actual creation of these, the credit goes to this picture, Jen for finding it and Chad's dad for building them.

So let me set this up for you.

Jen does not have a very matchy-matchy type of style. Like me, she like to keep her space eclectic, one-of-a-kind and full of stuff.

Because Jen likes a lot of stuff she needs a lot of storage. And because storage space is something her and Chad lack, she needed to find a way to make some. And because she needed to make some, she searched for something different that could also translate into art. And because she wanted something more artistic, she decided to go with the idea of making frame shelves.

First, Jen chose 4 frames that were similar in style and color but different in size and pattern. If you like a more uniform look, you can get identical frames and hang in more of a grid-like fashion.

Second, Chad's dad attached four pieces of wood to the backs of the frames, keeping the width about 5-7" so they could hold a book or DVD case with minimal overhang. The pieces of wood were then painted black on the inside and the wall color on the outside.

Finally, we figured out the arrangement, Jen attached some picture frame holders and thereyouhaveit. A picture perfect set of shelves.

NOTE: Have a guy (or a girl sitting on her legs) sit in the chair to allow for ample head space.

Next up? Hiding those TV cables, a new white drum shade and maybe a circular or character-shaped pillow to soften the composition!

Looking good, Jen and Chad!


  1. Kate, when you say "character-shaped" pillow case - my mind immediately went to cat pillow from urban. hahaha. chad would kill me.

  2. What specifically do u use to attach the frame to the 4 wood pieces?