Sunday, June 6, 2010

Location Spotlight: The Grand Antique Mall

Feeling down in the dumps one day, my boyfriend thought that the perfect way to cheer me up was to head out the the Grand Antique Mall. Honestly, I was a little skeptical at first but went along with it because he's never steered me in the wrong direction before. As soon as we walked into the building, I was immediately overwhelmed with excitement. As seen in the pictures below, the overall decor of the building is not much to look at (unless you like clutter and pegboard) but the treasures that are displayed are absolutely gorgeous.

The mall is set up with 4-5 primary aisles that are thousands of feet long and hold numerous booths that contain anything from side tables to Nancy Drew books. Each booth is designated a specific collector and they can display the antiques however they would like. As mentioned earlier, it seems as though everyone's decided on throwing as many things as possible in the space and hoping for someone to dig out what they'd like. The prices are not yard sale-esque, but if you go in there looking to make an investment, you will not be disappointed.

Along with furniture and home decor, the place is filled with jewelry, purses, hats and clothes that will keep you searching for days. Sharing a love of vintage... well... everything, I took my friend Steph there a couple of weeks later to enjoy the eye candy. Here are some of my favorites. I apologize but I did not get a close up of the price or the vendor for purchase. 

A few things that would look great in an entryway. As mentioned in an earlier post, it is the first impression so you need to make a statement.
Some amazing sofas and chairs that don't even need to be reupholstered! Incorporate into your current living room arrangement to get that eclectic style that gets talked about.

DIY OPP: Sand, prime and spray paint any of these side tables a bright color (coral, aqua, lime green, etc.) to add some excitement to an otherwise neutrally designed room. Use that color as a guide when picking out throw pillows, artwork and other miscellaneous accessories to tie the room together.

A gorgeous TV console with timeless details neutral enough to go with any style. A very lengthy piece, position along a bare wall, hang or stand your TV in the center and pair with some artwork to help make your media center a beautiful composition.

Some miscellaneous pieces that can breathe life and add character to any room. I would use the library card file as a jewelry and hairpiece organizer, make the suitcase into a shelf and use the barstools for a kitchen island.

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