Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In with the new and out with, well, nothing.

I'm not sure what the main attraction was but it became known that every college girl has a requirement of at least a dozen candles per room. Pillar candles, votive candles, tahitian treat, cinnamon caramel apple pie... they all became a necessity in the eyes of an 18-22 year old. The same went for frames. For some reason, there was an undeniable urge to surround yourself with every single person you knew. At least twice. Three times if they were really important (or cute). 

Because of the need to collect and consume, I have become the proud owner of at least 700 candle holders and about a bajillion frames. And since the times of Ramen noodles and bunk beds, I  have adjusted my style to reduce the amount of candles and/or scents to one per room and only hang framed photos of family and very close friends. That said, I needed to find a purpose for at least some of the excess while still maintaing my new-found sense of style.

First, I used some old candle holders to support my new hobby of gardening. These candle holders were too expensive to get rid of so I bought some plants and small pots from Ikea and turned them into plant stands. The artwork behind the stands is an old canvas I stenciled using bronze and silver spray paint.

Next, I took some old frames, spray painted some white, and used them to create a photo montage that filled the wall without becoming overwhelming to the eye. I kept the overall tone of the composition sporadic and unexpected by using an assortment of frame types and sizes. I then started the montage in the upper right hand corner and had it progressively thin out as it moved toward the middle of the wall (sketching definitely required). Having the empty white frames created a sense of consistency throughout the composition without having it come across as symmetrical.

Add a little color by spray painting your candle holders a bright color like yellow or orange. Just be sure to prime the candle holders first.

Expand the top of the candle holders for slightly larger pots using wood, glass, mirror or ceramic tiles. Try using Liquid Nails or Gorilla Glue to affix. 

Use the frames as a jewelry holder. I borrowed this idea from my friend, Corrin, and am anxious to make a few of my own. Just take an old frame, spray paint it, staple some tightly woven chicken wire to the back of the frame and display away.

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