Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back in the kitchen: old wives' tales to avoid listening to.

I think kitchens these days are becoming a bit over-the-top and overdone by way of three wive's tales. So, whoever is running around making these incorrect statements, please do us all a favor and stop.

1. "Every kitchen needs a great theme." As mentioned in an earlier post, one sign of an overdone kitchen is its heavy reliance on a theme. Think of your grandmother's kitchen - not the design but the feeling you got when you were in it. The best designed kitchens are those your family and guests want to be in. Think less about what the latest rendition of "Parisian Bakery" looks like and more about what it will take to make your family or friends comfortable. 

2. "It's expensive so it must be in style." This is where my love/hate relationship comes into play with Real Housewives of [name that city]. The kitchen is one of the primary and easiest places to overspend whether by way of a state-of-the-art refrigerator, subway tile back splash or custom cabinetry. Instead of purchasing the latest and greatest, trust your own taste level, think about what you actually need vs. what you already have and strike a compromise.

3. "Everything has to match." Do not treat your kitchen as you would your sock drawer. Meaning, your refrigerator does not need to look the same as the cabinet that holds your dinner plates. The kitchen needs to be one of the most functional rooms in the house because of all of the accessories it is required to store. From spoons to spatulas, to spices to cheese graters - your kitchen has to hold all. And, on top of holding it all, the kitchen needs to be highly maneuverable so that you can prepare, cook and sometime eat your meals in there. That said, do yourself a favor and distinguish the cup cabinet from the pantry. Or better yet, keep things open so you can see what you have to work with. - just choose a consistent color scheme and complimentary textures throughout the space. Here are some of my favorite exposed shelving options.

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ellen pompeo's kitchen courtesy of elle decor

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