Monday, March 3, 2014

makeover monday: redecorating the entryway.

Meet our entryway. 

The house opens straight up into the "great" room leaving me with a little, tiny piece of wall with a mail slot to use as the entryway. So I thought to focus on the height instead of the width.

Mixing different pattens and textures helped tie the bench to wall decor, creating a strong vertical. Spraying the tray with chalkboard paint added sleekness and featuring brightly colored artwork gave some much needed boldness to the look.

In the process of decorating, I came up with an idea to glue a postcard to a framed canvas I had wrapped in scrap book paper years before. I really loved how it turned out and was super easy to put together. 

tip: Try experimenting with different ways to affix the postcard to the wrapped canvas. Sewing pins, washi tape and hand stitching are all great options that would give the art some dimension.

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