Tuesday, October 22, 2013

5 ideas for: shelf displays.

1. Experiment with found objects. On a recent thrift store hunt I found the cutest vintage soda bottle carton that I thought would make a great shelf in the living room. A quick clean up, a little polyurethane and some of my favorite collected objects and I was sold.

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2. When in doubt spray paint. Figurines are huge in design right now (the fancy term is an objet) and an easy way to create a display on a budget. Head to the thrift store, find 1-2 figurines you like the shape of and spray them your favorite colors. 

etsy / etsy / target / clip art / ikea / crate and barrel / ebay

3. Display a vase collection with a common theme. I'm a huge fan of using the actual wall (or in this case, ceiling) to expand the shelving footprint and ground a floating shelf. Find 3-5 vases with a common theme and you've got yourself a solid display.

4. Contrast rustic with sleek and modern accessories. Break up the sleek accessories with greenery, adding one pop of color to catch the eye.

5. Treat your shelf as a photo gallery. Collect frames of all different shapes and sizes in the same color scheme to compliment each other without looking too matching. Pair with a larger sculptural piece to break up the look.

tip: Make sure to layer and stagger your objects vs. lining them all up in a row. It will add depth and visual interest to the composition.

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