Monday, January 28, 2013

happy environments: bathroom design

I saw this picture while sifting through Pinterest last night and thought it had the perfect sentiment for a Monday post.

print by jimmy marble

Yes it is, headless polka dot dress girl. Yes. It. Is.

After a couple of rough weeks, I'm ready to put the stress and frustration behind me, clear the head and get back to being my old self again. It is true that negative energy can get the best of you, no matter how positive you are. But it is also true that majority of that is picked up by your surrounding environments. Which is why I'm a firm believer of decorating around what makes you happy.

One of my favorite places to start is Urban Outfitters. The kings of kitsch, this place is chock full of odd accessories that always make me smile. Case and point: this mint green tripe decker shelf.

Isn't she lovely? Perfect for a bathroom, kitchen or bedroom vanity, this piece is the epitome of organization. Mixed with the geometric cutouts and paint job full of whimsy, this shelving unit is bound to turn your frown upside down. Here's how I would decorate with it.

recessed medicine cabinet for the not-so-cute bathroom products
bedroom dresser turned bathroom vanity to give it that lived in look
round white vessel sink so it looks more like a table top accessory
vintage looking jewelry holder for on top the dresser
colorful rug to pull in all the accessories
vintage japenese porcelain cups holding makeup brushes and tooth paste to accessorize the shelf

TIP: Check thrift stores and garage sales for the dresser and vintage porcelain cups. It's a quick way to slash your spending in half.

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