Wednesday, January 30, 2013

arm full of bracelets

I've been on a bangle and bracelet kick lately, wearing 6-12 at any given time. Always on one arm, never completely matching. It's an easy way to dress up (or in some cases dress down) and outfit, adding character and personality at the same time. Here's my top eight list for any bracelet collection:
  1. Show off the woven friendship bracelets you share with one of your besties. Including the one you share with your mom
  2. It's ok to mix metallic finishes. In my opinion, the more the merrier.
  3. Invest in a vintage gold watch - small-faced and dainty or big and bulky, no in between.
  4. Keep one extremely sentimental bracelet or bangle in your collection at all times. 
  5. Stock up on thin bangles featuring your favorite stones, metals or style
  6. Collect various beaded bracelets, metallic or colored, to use as fillers.
  7. Search for thick, statement bangles to serve as the basis for all bracelet pairing
  8. Avoid bangle sets at all costs. They have the same effect as a cardigan sweater set. If you must buy a bangle set, never wear them all at the same time. 

pairing tip: Create a combination using one, most or all of the top eights listed above and assemble on your arm. Now find one to take off. This will help keep your combination edited and chic. 

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