Tuesday, April 3, 2012

omg love: striped accessories

Timeless, crisp and fresh looking, I can't get enough of a simple striped pattern - especially the white + color options. No matter your style, taste or accessory choices, stripes are versatile enough to go with anything.

Pair with floral patterns for a romantic vibe, add rustic accents for a cottage feel or kilim accents for a look that's more bohemian. Whatever the style, the best way to tackle is by viewing stripes as just another solid color. Incorporate the colored stripe into your main color palette and design around like you normally would as a solid.

featured striped accessory sources
1. Forever21Striped Floppy Hat
2. Crate and Barrel Olin Brown Rug
3. West Elm Stripe Sheet Set - White/Feather Gray
4. Ann Taylor Loft Stripe Drop Shoulder Long Sleeve Tee
5. Williams Sonoma Home Turkish Stripe Table Runner
6. Graham Brown Barcode Linear Wallpaper
7. Old Navy Women's Striped Sundresses

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