Monday, April 16, 2012

dog center upgrade

As some of you've seen in the make it pretty: furry friends post, I've upgraded Ruby's food and water area to something with a little more flavor.

[bowls and mat from pier1, toys from ikea and petsmart]

Doesn't it look adorable?! While I don't have a before, you won't have much trouble imagining it. Two silver bowls. One brown mat with a dog bone border. Way, way, WAY boring.

To update, I ran up the street to Pier1 and grabbed two dinnerware bowls and a placemat. Boom. Done. A simple update that cost me less than $20 (minus food and toys - spoiled dogs are expensive!). Much easier on the eyes and more cohesive with the rest of the decor. I can't tell if Ruby notices a difference but let's face it, this update was for me, not her.

To get the look, here are some other placemat/bowl combos. Most of them are from Crate and Barrel because I am LOVING their tableware collection right now.  Tips for making it work? Play up the patterns and color palettes exactly how you would decorate a table or the rest of your home. Mix geometric graphics with more natural fabrics or mimic some of the same pattern throughout the setting.  

[bowls: world market, mat: pier1

Note: Please excuse the awful, horrible attempt at Photoshop. Clearly, I am in no way an expert nor do I pretend to be.

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