Monday, March 12, 2012

round wall hooks

After searching around for some new accessories, I came across these wall hooks from Schoolhouse Electric. I fell in love with the look, just not the price tag. $40 for four little wall hooks? Please.

Days went by and I couldn't stop thinking about them. I loved the colors for my bedroom and needed something exactly like these for my more delicate jewelry. So, instead of biting the bullet and purchasing, I figured out a way to make them. The whole project? Under $10. Not too shabby.

supply list
4 wooden plaques from Michaels (59¢ each)
4 curtain hooks from Lowe's ($1 each)
4 acrylic paint colors
4 long screws

how to 
1. Paint plaques desired colors and let dry.
2. Screw in first screw to secure curtain hooks.
3. Drill a thin hole through the second screw opening and into the wall where you'd like to hang.
4. Screw in the longer screws through the second screw opening.


  1. Wow, those look great! What size are the plaques? 2 in? 3 in? Very nice!

  2. @La Vita Bella - these are actually 4" plaques with a 3" face. Thanks for checking it out!