Wednesday, January 18, 2012

getting in shape.

I'm all about getting into shape these days. Pumping iron, running up steps, the whole nine yards. My body is not what it used to be and certainly not where I'd like it to be. In the end, I want to be able to do this only with lean, girl muscles.

Now, if you're already regularly working out or naturally eating healthy, congratulations and keep it up. For those that are like me, I urge you to figure it out, lock it up and get moving. No more excuses, no more laziness, no more "I'm tired". I need to get focused, motivated and start investing in myself before I get old and wrinkly. I know, total Biggest Loser moment, right? Which is actually kind of funny because the show is on in the background while I'm writing this. Now, if only I could get Alison Sweeney to announce my workout progress.

I've re-signed up for classes at my fitness center, am trying to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and play volleyball twice a week. Knowing that it's extremely difficult to curb my extremely healthy appetite, this is the route I'm forced to take. Plus, I'm dating a chef. I'm not giving up food. Out of the question.

I feel good about what I've signed up for and believe if I can try to at least cut back on one measly snack a day, I should be where I want to be by summer.

Plus, the classes I've started taking provide me with my very own, way less annoying Bob. While they're technically called Boot Camp we've lovingly renamed them to "Death by Douglas". Douglas is an ex-marine, doesn't drink alcohol, doesn't eat sweets or any red meat. He's intense, he means business and is exactly what I need in my life. I took my first class this past Monday and let's just say I quickly became aware of just how out of shape I am.

To prove I'm serious about the whole fitness regimen, I've been looking for some wardrobe additions. This is typical to how I treat every major change within my life - bribe myself with clothes. A gal needs motivation to continue going to the gym, right? Right. Fortunately for my budget, I already have majority of the necessities from the last time I've tried to get serious about a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately for my budget, there's always something I can talk myself into needing/wanting. Sigh, the price to pay for gettin' fit.

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