Wednesday, December 21, 2011

twelve days of christmas: day nine

After flipping through the 3 channels I have, Jim and I came across the Nutcracker Ballet on the CET Arts Channel (48-3 for those like me without cable). We tuned in as the sugar plum fairies were doing their thing and, while Jim took that as his cue to leave, I was absolutely mesmerized. It ended up being a broadcast of the New York City Ballet's Nutcracker from who knows how long ago but it was absolutely spectacular.

The backdrop had these gorgeous deep plum tones mixed with a hot coral, golds, teals and kelly greens. The costumes were then filled with what seemed like pale, iridescent greens, muted shades of pink and coral, golds and metallics that looked STUH-NING against such a vibrant backdrop. On top of this, the Sugar Plum Queen balanced the subtle colors with this totally structured tutu that was out of this world.

I scrounged the interwebs and these are all the photos I could find.

ala ny tix

Then I thought, how could you take inspiration from these colors and these shapes for the home? Check it out.

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