Tuesday, December 6, 2011

dollhouse furniture extravaganza

Eek! This is the last post before the final reveal next week. I mean, can you believe it's almost December 15th?!?!?! By the way, how is everyone's Christmas shopping going? Mine's none existent because I've been WORKING ON MY DOLLHOUSE. Sigh.

For those just tuning in, I'm participating in Emily Henderson's I'm A Giant Dollhouse Challenge and have been making mine from scratch. Yep, the whole thing. This was because of the zero dollar budget I had for making a dollhouse and the sheer pleasure I seem to get out of stretching myself WAY too thin, working on projects that end up being much larger than originally planned. I blame myself. Fortunately, my mom was able to score a couple $1 tables and such from Pat Catan's so I didn't have to make everything. Anyway, let's start with the first floor.

[a little subway tile back splash]

[open shelving for dishware]

[upholstered bench to extend the entryway]

[two chairs I'm IN LOVE with and a side table. 
I'm planning to put an ottoman in front so dolls can cozy up a bit more]

[the fireplace has two compartments - one for the fire and one for the wood]

[yes, this area definitely needs a rug and artwork]

[the stairs were stained the same color as the floor while the sides were 
painted black to look like metal]

- what's new: kitchen shelving and back splash, couch, fireplace and TV, side tables, chairs, coffee table, stained/painted stairs
- to dos: finish fireplace and maybe repaint coffee table, get a "rug", make an ottoman, decorate and accessorize

Next up, the second floor.

[this used to be yellow and a workspace but now is painted white and 
is the master bedroom - I'll explain later]

[the bathroom tile and stained hallway]

[this furniture was mine from when I was a kid and spray painted white and 
mustard yellow to match the palette]

[eventually, a couch and coffee table will fill that back corner]

[and crib will get patterned bedding]

- what's new: repainted bedroom, stained floors, tile bathroom, stained desk, painted nursery furniture
- to dos: make dressers for both rooms, make a desk chair, make all the bathroom furniture, make couch and coffee table for nursery, decorate and accessorize

Wait, what happened to the third floor?

Due to the December 15th deadline, wanting to enjoy the holidays and severely missing human interaction, I've decided to eliminate the third floor master bedroom suite and finally call all my friends back to remind them I'm still alive. I'm kind of bummed about this because the picture I had in my head of the space was AMAZING but hey, what can you do.


  1. Very nice! Sorry to hear about the third floor bedroom, would love to see it!

    Love the hardwood floors.


  3. Looking good girl! Love that little bench behind the sofa!!

  4. Thank you everyone, you all are the best!


  5. It looks great - can't wait to see the finished product!