Tuesday, November 29, 2011

rugs west elm and amber lewis style.

I'm back up and running, folks. To summarize, yes, I had a fantastic Thanksgiving and no, I didn't even attempt to watch what I ate. Shoveling food. In my mouth. Nonstop. I spent most days either working on my dollhouse and eating or eating and working on my dollhouse. As a reminder, the dollhouse is for Emily Henderson's I'm a Giant Challenge, not because I wish I was 7 again. Very fun. Very exciting. Very productive.

Now that I'm back from travelling, I'm focusing on dollhouse rugs. Mainly because these teeny tiny rugs are the only things that match my teeny tiny budget.

My inspiration? Part West Elm, part Amber Lewis' private collection.

It's of no surprise that West Elm has fantastic, drool-worthy rugs that make you want to pick up one (maybe even two) for each of your rooms. Put them anywhere for an instant room upgrade. What I didn't realize is the variety of awesomeness they have going on here. I mean, look at this.

the ever popular andalusia rug

even the simple tangle rug!

So amazing that if they made any of these in dollhouse versions, I would probably buy them immediately. Sure, they'd probably still be $40 each but I mean, who needs to eat, right?

On top of my West Elm craze, I came across this pinterest pic of Amber Lewis' home. For those who stink at names as much as I do, after some searching around, I think the pattern is called kilim. Regardless, it's Turkish. It's Tribal. I'm obsessed with it.

First of all, I'm in love with Amber Lewis' style.  Her sense of pattern, proportion and hue knock my socks off each and every time I see one of her spaces. Second, I hunted around and found some decently similar rugs for purchase on eBayThe Loaded Trunk and Overstock. Both places have a few more options in terms of colors, sizes and patterns but here are my faves.

Mark my words, I will buy one of these gorgeous numbers as soon as I can afford one. For now, I'm hoping to come across a dollhouse version to finish off my dining room!


  1. i found some little turkish rugs for about $6 - including shipping from turkey - on ebay. here's a link to the search. good luck!

  2. kristin, you are my favorite person in the whole wide world.