Monday, November 14, 2011

blog feature extravaganza.

Having missed my blog spotlight post this past Saturday, I decided to make up for it ten-fold. One, because I feel bad and two, because I've always liked and wanted to use the word "ten-fold". So without further adieu, here are ten blog spotlights all rolled up in one post. 'Tis the season of giving.

Anthology Magazine
I've never come across anything featured on this blog I've seen before. Always something new, always something gorgeous, this is a great change of pace when searching for something... different. Like the artwork of Elly MacKay.

via the blog post Elly MacKay

The Style Files
I can search this blog for days. Whoever owns this blog has absolutely impeccable taste and a knack for finding the unpredictable. Like featuring this all white kitchen with hammered copper pendant lighting. It warms up the space and offers a WOW factor all in one accessory. OMG.

via the blog post dunlin

side note: If my dad is reading this, I 100% guarantee he's already figured out how much the owners would get if they scrapped the metal.

Simply Grove
Kirsten is the jam. She is one of my biggest style crushes and I love seeing what she's found to post next. I wouldn't say she's trendy (which I like) but instead, she's very comfortable in her own styling shoes - knowing what she likes, doesn't like and is willing to try.

via blog post Inspiration{Vintage}

The Brick House
Yep, I'm going to continue summarizing these blogs like I've known these bloggers for years (or at all). Morgan's blog is one of my favorites because I think she's hilarious and writes in an extremely conversational way. It's almost as though she types up every single thing her mind comes across which I adore since I'm a firm believer the funniest things are ones often left unsaid. Case and point? Her play-by-play of dollhouse furniture making. BTW, I've been totally planning to make some of those chairs for mine and am also having the same dilemma of what to do with it when the challenge is complete.

via blog post mini furniture

Modern Jane
Jane's blog makes me happy because she seems to talk in colors. A fellow pinterest enthusiast, Jane's got an eye for composition and, of course, color! She's obsessed with her dog, gets her DIY on regularly and 9 times out of 10 I jot down the idea and make a "must try" note to myself immediately. Jane, let be friends.

Jane's adorable pup via blog post Happy Halloween!

Cassandra is one of my other style crushes both from an interior and fashion perspective. She seems very thoughtful when choosing a post theme and very conscious of pulling the full idea together for her readers. I'm also sure she alphabetizes, color codes or does some other cute organizational and highly functional thing to keep it all together. I kind of love everything she posts, so it's hard to pick just one to feature... so I'm giving you two.

via blog post Color for Thanksgiving

Bijou and Boheme
This is the blog I head to whenever I'm feeling super girly or secretly want to redecorate my apartment with everything pink. Her blog is filled with feminine inspiration and continues to keep me on the hunt for what I like to call "lady gloves". I mean, isn't her home the cutest?!

Decor Hacks
If I'm every feeling crafty, like my to do list could be longer or I'm just flat out looking to update something I already have, I head here. The blog is a collection of craft ideas and projects from all over the world wide web that's so helpfully pulled together in one place. AND these projects are relatively inexpensive but still manage to look adorable! Thank you Decor Hacks, for keeping it real and keeping it simple.

Vintage Revivals
If you haven't heard of Miss Mandi before, do yourselves a favor: click on the link above, bookmark and visit regularly. Her room makeovers are ridiculous, her crafts unbelievable and her posts 100% completely her. Plus, a strong sense of complete thrift store envy overtakes me whenever she posts one of her latest, how-the-heck-did-you-even-find-this finds. I'll tell you what, this girl's got game.

and last but certainly not least...

Design for Mankind
I'm torn because I like both blogs that Erin's pulled together. While Design for Mankind is a daily post on art, Design for MyKind is a daily post on outfits and, lately, personal projects around the house. She compares art with shoes, offers ideas for creating looks and even just pics of artwork that makes you want to hunt down the artist and provide a proper high five for their awesomeness. Like this dude, Peter Combe. High five for making strips of paper look this amazing.

paper art via blog post Peter Combe

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