Monday, October 10, 2011

change of scenery take two.

Note: Grab a comfy seat and a glass of wine people... this one's a long one.

I'm back. Refocused, revitalized and recommitted to providing you with information you didn't even know you needed. Or did you?

Let me explain.

My blog is called Change of Scenery because of my original - now empty - etsy venture. The goal was to revamp old furniture vs. buying it brand-spanking-new because 1) brand-spanking-new furniture is expensive and 2) I feel strongly that most newer furniture doesn't even come close to the timeless style and hand crafted quality older pieces possess. I've since made it my mission to find furniture with undiscovered potential all over craigslist in hopes of making it seem new and shiny again [feel free to insert the Captain America theme song here].

Here are just a few of the pieces I've completed (and sold):

[orange side table]

[white coffee table with gold detailing]

[ivory and black desk with white and black stripes]

[white upholstered chair with furniture nail detailing]

Since starting these projects, I figured out that refinishing furniture is really hard work. That takes a long time. And requires a properly ventilated work room. None of which I had.
So with limited time, a full time job and a folder/binder/favorites list chock full of ideas, I thought I'd start a blog to keep the creative juices flowing and my projects better organized. Luckily, the Change of Scenery title still worked because of my constant (sometimes obsessive) search for new ideas and DIY opportunities. Like these:

But there comes a time when a gal has to regroup and figure out what she wants out of life her blog. And for me, that time was this past two weeks. I had so many ideas in my head of what I wanted to say, what I wanted to do and what I wanted to be portrayed that I was kind of driving myself crazy. And before I knew it, my focus and direction started to blur and I began questioning whether I should actually be writing about what I was writing about. See how that can make you a little crazy?
So I took some time off, did a little bit of soul searching (yep, I got deep) and realized that the answer was right in front of me. Actually, on the other side of the phone.
Last week, my mom (hi mom!) called me 1) to follow up on the missed call and text received the day before (oops) and 2) whether or not she could pair different colored frames together on one wall. Is it only brown and black? Can she add a color? What about metallics? WHAT WAS THE DEAL?
To calm her down, I rattled off a couple of ideas, paired them with some tips and sent her on her merry, frame-hanging way. And I on my merry, grocery shopping way.
I remember getting off the phone feeling great. Excited even. And extremely anxious to see the final result. Or maybe to even do it for her. Which is why, looking back, I can't believe I didn't see it in the first place.

[the fam in san fran]
You see, I'm what you'd call a bonified people-pleaser. I like to help. I like to fix. I like to solve. It's almost as if my main mission in life is to make people happy and (excuse me while I brag) I'm actually really, really good at it. All the while, coming up with new and exciting-for-me ways to revamp my home and wardrobe accordingly.
So instead of writing about random forms of inspiration or what I could do if I had a bay window, I thought I'd get more specific and focus on the questions and challenges I've received and am faced with on a daily basis. Not to say that all of them (or any for that matter) are ground-breaking or earth-shattering new revelations; just enough to help ease the stress when thinking about doing something new to your home. Or your wardrobe. Or maybe when searching for a new place to eat. 
Regardless, I'm excited to get this party [re]started, pulling new tricks out of my adorable new winter hats and look forward to hearing any and all of your thoughts along the way.

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  1. Do you know the orange paint color of the side table? I'm going to do something similar and can't decide on the right shade? your work