Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A wine crate kind of bathroom.

Since I got absolutely ZERO done this weekend, I decided to show you a couple of hints as to what my next project is. In case you forgot, my bathroom looks like this (and is posted about here):

Gross, right? And, since I'm renting, I don't have a ton of options around the old pink and green tile. So instead, I'm forced to try and "make it work" (thank you, Tim Gunn) by adding some artwork and other forms of texture to help liven up the color and overall visual interest of the space.

The first mission is to try and balance out the behemoth of a vanity I've been blessed with. To do this, I'm looking to add some wood accents which will at the same time add texture and warm tones to the tiny space. Stealing the idea from my BFF, Jen, I marched straight over to The Wine Merchant and bought a wine crate for $5. The plan is to stain and hang the crate over the toilet, creating a boxy shelf, adding bulk, height and WOOD to the space. Plus then I can add some cute accessories and hopefully give this guy a little fresh air (pun intended).

But, since I haven't completed it yet, I don't have any after pics showing the crazy transformation that will just blow your socks off. Instead, I've got some good old-fashioned inspirational pics of other ways you can use a wine crate in your home. Plus a couple of pics I used to get an idea of how I should accessorize.

At $5 a crate, I'd say this idea is definitely something worth looking into.

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  1. Like the way you added the pop of white to give the wine crate a fresh look.