Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Everything but the house.

Hi, my name is Kate and I am a bargain furniture addict. To the point where my garage is currently being used to store excess furniture vs. my car.

But I'm not necessarily the Value City type bargain furniture (no offense). It's more like the thrift store, Craigslist bargain furniture.

Let's go down the list shall we?

To be clear, I don't regularly garbage pick. Every so often, while driving to a specified location, I come across a piece (or apparently three) that I stop and pick up. I consider myself lucky when this happens - like finding change on the ground (dad).

 side table: free (side of the road)

nightstand: $20 on Craigslist (also featured here)
[in my bedroom]

coffee table: $40 on Craigslist
[sold to a wonderful lady in D.C.]

desk: $50 on Craigslist
[refinished and sold to a lovely couple on Brooklyn]

[no picture]
side table: free (side of the road) and still needs to be refinished
[already sold to my mother]

[no picture]
retro dining chair: free (side of the road) and still needs to be refinished
[future sewing machine seat]

set of dining room chairs: $25 on Craigslist
[sold to my mother]

Anyway, my heart skipped about 5 beats when one of my friends, Katie, introduced me to this site, It's a mix between Craigslist (because it's local) and eBay (because it's ability for online purchase) and I. Am. Obsessed. Each week it seems as though they have 2-3 auctions around different areas of the city.

So far I've just been window shopping because of this whole budget thing I've put myself on but I believe you set your initial bid, then your maximum and if you end up with the winning bid, you can just head on over and claim your prize. I've been slowly spreading the word but figure, with the gems they've been displaying lately, this site needs to go viral. Don't believe how awesome this site is? Here are some of the drool-worthy goods I'm talking about.

And the crazy thing is this is only SOME of the FURNITURE. They have accessories, appliances, glassware, china, artwork, dinnerware, silverware... You name it, and you can probably discover an auction that has it. Happy bidding everyone!


  1. The yellow tufted studio sofa I was talking about is the exact one you posted! And I won it! Here's hoping it will actually fit in the living room.

  2. I mean, I just love her. I hope the upholstery is in good shape which it looks like it is. Looking forward to reading about how it all turned out!