Friday, July 8, 2011

Faux shopping at ModCloth.

It's. Almost. Finished.

With everything pretty much painted (minus a few edges, corners and trim) and the overall downstairs plan well on its way, I've decided to take a moment to do some much needed almost retail therapy for some much needed clothing I almost purchase. The almost part is because it's actually faux shopping (also completed here) as in I fill up my cart but never checkout.

For those that are unaware (AKA living under a rock) I really like to shop. Like really, really like. Actually, probably more like love. Anyway, whenever I'm down in the dumps, meet a goal, have an amazing client presentation, am bored, excited, or really anything in between, I head to the streets (or my MacBook Pro) and shop it like it's hot.

However lately, (thanks to many, many, many, MANY lectures from conversations with my dad) I've been trying to practice other things like paying off bills in their entirety, minimizing debt and saving up cash for things like retirement and "my future". While these tasks are all well and good, I still - and will likely never get rid of - the itch to buy things. Lots of things.

So today, I thought I'd clue you in on my recent "trip" to one of my favorite online stores, ModCloth - a place where the clothing is chic, the accessories are fun and the price range is almost always just outside of my budget. For this particular trip I focused primarily on dresses all of which I highly encourage anyone to actually purchase for the following reasons:

would look great with gladiator heels, a tan and giant bright colored purse

perfect for backyard drinking or running errands

elastic band creates a waist, one shoulder draws attention to collarbone

very versatile and universally flattering, really cute with bright colored cardigan

OMG with a thick belt

racer back to accentuate backbones,
amazing colors for summer that can be used as a blouse for the fall

Hip Gig Dress ($42.99)
versatile dress in adorable pattern,
can be paired with leggings and a long cardigan for fall

So in pretend world, my total came to a cool $438.93. I could have definitely included more (like this, this, this, and maybe this) but there's always another day, right?

Hope everyone has a great weekend and sneak peeks of the top secret project to come soon!

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