Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A new side table for nothing.

A perfect testimony that shows just how far a little can of spray paint can go (well, two if you count the primer). To give you some background, I had a bit of a predicament in my living room. I had a sofa arrangement that required a side table with very small space to incorporate. Fortunately, I was able to find a smaller piece on the side of the road in Cleveland (literally). It was a little low but I knew I could work with it. Originally, the piece had a very dark brown plaster base that was chipped all over the place - making it look old, dated and in horrible condition.

To fix, I simply twisted off the base, spray-primed it and added three coats of high gloss white spray paint I had left over from another project. The white helped make the piece look more modern and hid the chips nicely. If I were more confident in spray painting marble I probably would have done it although looking back, I don't necessarily mind the added layer of texture. I let the base dry outside (fortunately this was the one day it didn't rain), screwed back on the top and was immediately satisfied at how it all came together.

To make the table appear taller so that it was (or at least looked) proportional with my sofa, I added a stack of magazines, a glass vase which I hope to fill with flowers in the spring and two square mirrors stacked on top of each other. The glass and the mirror keep the table and accessories from becoming too overpowering, drawing attention to the base of the table almost as if it were a piece of sculpture.

Long story short, if you're not ready to give up on a piece or are in the position in which you are forced to deal with what you have, head to the hardware store and pick up a can of spray paint. Read the instructions because, depending on the material, you may need to sand or prime before you spray.

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