Monday, March 21, 2011

I caught the spring fever.

Spring is in the air and I have never been more happy to see it come. And, true to the saying, every time the weather changes like this I get the itch to clean. If you're like me and without a budget for some bright and shiny spring decor, cleaning your old stuff is one of the easiest ways to make everything seem like new again. And for some reason, it is the single most reassuring way for me to rid my apartment of the gross winter blues and celebrate the freshness of spring. Here are some tips for making the most of your cleaning session in preparation for some good old-fashioned sunshine.

1. Open all of the windows. First things first - start with your atmosphere by getting rid of the stale air and bringing in some fresh stuff. Then (if you're able), throw your curtains in the wash, iron and re-hang.

2. Move the big stuff. Lift up your rugs, move that entertainment center and sweep (or vacuum) out all the dust bunnies. Make sure to put some strategy behind your moving, start on one half of a room and then tackle the other. With wood floors and a shedding pup, I like to sweep, then vacuum, then wash.

3. Hit the corners. Run a broom or duster along the corners and across the tops of every wall. You'll be surprised at how quickly the room starts to brighten.

4. Pledge and Windex. Everything. Even the windows!

5. Clean out the closets. At the end of every season, I take a look at everything I had available for that particular season (in this case winter) and toss whatever I didn't wear at least once, never cared for the cut of or doesn't look like it will make it another year. I'm extremely honest and aim to reduce my collection by at least 1/4. From there, I donate the stuff that may be able to have another home elsewhere.

6. Burn those wicks. With the new circulation happening in your space, get some fresh smelling candles and light one in each room to amp up the air quality. I opt for smells like fresh linen, ocean breeze and bamboo or other more natural smells.

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  1. I just got the spring fever too, doing all sorts of cleaning around the house. I find it refreshing to read about others doing the exact same thing I'm doing only years ago, so thanks for sharing your experience. I just finished cleaning and sorting everything in the closets but the next big thing I got to do is clean the roof. I'm thinking about hiring the best
    to do it for me. For now while I think about that I can scrub this pot and keep reading a few more of your blog posts. Thanks again. All the best.