Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Get your feathers ruffled.

On the hunt for some new spring pieces to incorporate into my wardrobe, I noticed the larger presence of ruffles this year. Ruffled tops, ruffled shorts, ruffled dresses. They're everywhere. I love them because, depending on how adorned, they can add a touch of girly flair or layer of romance to any outfit (or room) without too much effort.

While I happen to be a big fan of ruffles, I have to be cautious of how I wear them. For example, having broad shoulders already, I have to avoid most tops with ruffled cap sleeves because I can't afford adding any additional bulk in that area for fear of looking like a linebacker. Instead, I opt for ruffles across the chest and hips to give the illusion of more curves. Here's are some of the pieces at the top of my list:


Similar to clothing, you need to be cautious of how to incorporate ruffles into your space. When done right, they can added texture, depth, detailing and subtle drama to a room. When done wrong, it can look too feminine or like you possess the styling sense of a 6 year old girl. So if you're interested in adding some ruffled accessories to your space, use the same rules as you would when choosing an outfit:

1. Balance is crucial. Like an ensemble, too much of something in one concentrated area could make the look seem disjointed. So, if you're adding a bit of ruffle in one area of the room, make sure to incorporate ruffles or at least similar lines (i.e. piece of artwork, table legs) to the other areas as well.

2. Don't overdo it. Too much of a good thing always ends up going bad. Instead of making your space a ruffled paradise, opt for a few pieces or one large one to carry the weight of the trend. Mix with other objects and accessories that complement your overall style (i.e. traditional, contemporary) to round out the look. If you choose a larger piece like the ruffled bedspread below, pair with more simple and streamlined decor to maintain a balance.

Here are some of my favorite ways to incorporate a little ruffly goodness:

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