Tuesday, February 1, 2011

An entryway with a side of yawn.

The more I stare at my front door, the more I realize how badly I am in the market for a rug. As mentioned in an earlier post, although extremely important for setting the overall tone, entryways are often overlooked when decorating your space. And, in my case, there are plenty of other things I'd like to do to my space that the entryway continues to fall to the bottom of the list.

With such a small area of rented space, I am really limited in what I am able to do/put to help make an impact. I am looking to eventually refinish the light blue barrel I got from my grandma (stay tuned for that later) and adding a few more hooks to fill out the wall a little bit more, allowing more space for guests' jackets. The only other space available to make an impact is the floor. Hence the rug. And with all of the salt being tracked in these days, I couldn't get one soon enough.

DIY: As always, I am light on funds and have not come across a rug I simply had to have. Liking the look of the woven rugs along with the ability to choose my own fabric, I started taking a look at some DIY options. I came across a no-sew option that looked kind of interesting, a crochet tutorial which would add a significant amount of texture and a simple braided rug that could do the trick just the same. I wonder if I could braid into a chevron pattern, forcing the shape by sewing together...

Here are some lovely inspirational rugs - all the wrong colors of course - courtesy of the love collage. These are a little more unique from the typical chevron pattern of white + color block which can add more depth and drama to a space without being too over the top. A simple, chic, soon to be classic.

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  1. hi kate,
    thanks for the shout out to the love collage. Gotta love a good chevron! xo vanessa ;)