Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fabric swatches + glue gun = new artwork.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I had a framed piece of fabric that I wasn't quite happy with. I love the idea of framing fabric because it is an easy way to add a little texture and tie a color palette together. It also celebrates textile design and offers up a different solution to artwork other than paintings or photography. To me, a balanced room consists of all three. 

Anyway, in need of something different, I decided to change the colors of my living room to blues and greens in an effort to make the room feel more "calm, healing and relaxing" according to feng shui explanations. Along with the new color palette came the need for a new piece of fabric (see how that worked?!) and I have been having zero success at the local fabric stores. Then I remembered the loads and loads of fabric swatches I'd received from a friend that used to work for a design firm and decided to pick through those hoping to find something fantastic. And I totally did. 

I found a few (meaning 12) swatches that I liked and felt complimented the color palette and pattern style I was aiming for. The keys to choosing patterns are to 1) stay within the same color palette chosen and 2) maintain balance in terms of how busy the patterns are. For example, for every small, busy pattern, try adding a more subtle or monochromatic one. This of course takes some trial and error so be sure to play around with it. Below are pictures of my current color and pattern palette (the floral fabric is a tablecloth I found in the sale bin at Home Goods that I'm planning to convert into pillows) and what a little cutting and glue gunning can get you. The pictures don't exactly do the patterns justice but trust me - they totally match.

I plan to put this up somewhere in my "entertainment unit" if I ever figure out what it will look like and consist of. I feel like I'm coming close to that though as well (thanks, mom).

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